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Getting In Shape: How To Maintain Your Motivation?

Have you made the big and wise decision to get back into the sport? This in itself is a great idea, but did you know that the real challenge is to persevere rather than just getting started in physical activity? Here are some practical tips to help you keep the fire going.

It is well known that maintaining good health depends in large part on adopting a healthy lifestyle. Regarding physical activity, its health benefits are well established.

Who has never subscribed to a sports centre and then lost their enthusiasm? It happens to many people. In fact, it is estimated that more than half of individuals who begin an exercise program quit within the next six months. Here are some tips, so you don’t fall into that statistic.

Set realistic goals

Knowing exactly where you’re going usually helps to get there. Setting specific goals will motivate you to take steps to achieve them. It can be beneficial to display them in strategic places: on the refrigerator door or your bedside table or on the screen of your smartphone, for example. Ideally, go for goals with measurable results, such as how many pounds to lose within a certain time frame. It may be good to set a final goal and intermediate goals that will give you additional motivation.

Love what you do

First, find an activity that you enjoy doing. There’s no point in wanting to swim if you hate water or signing up to a gym if being confined indoors turns you off. Do you like to dance? Sign up for aerobics or Zumba class. For older people, a social dance class can be a great way to maintain flexibility and coordination.

Discuss your approach with those around you

Because there is strength in unity, it will be advantageous for you to be able to count on the encouragement and support of those around you. Discuss your process with your family, friends and colleagues and let them know your goals. Also, determine what type of athlete you are. Do you prefer to indulge in your sports activities alone or in a group? Who knows, maybe some of your loved ones will want to accompany you to your sessions.

Focus on consistency rather than intensity

When starting a new physical training, it is a good idea to adopt the principle of “slowly but surely”. Take it slow at first; you will add more difficulties (more miles, more pool lengths, etc.) as your body gets used to your new way of life. If you wonder too much at first, you may be tempted to give up when an obstacle or injury occurs. Remember to recover well between workouts.

Go for variety and novelty

The best way not to get bored is to vary the activities. So walk, run, swim, dance if you feel like it! Fill your weeks with a multitude of different activities that charm and inspire you. Are you more inclined to appreciate regularity and routine or, on the contrary, diversity? The simple act of changing the course can allow a runner to regain his motivation. Avoid weariness; it is the enemy of perseverance.

Give yourself rewards and moments of rest

Taking care of yourself also sometimes involves giving yourself moments of respite. After a particularly active week, why not relax while watching a movie in a great company? Or enjoy a good, well-deserved meal at the restaurant? You must reward your efforts; how you do, it is up to you. Show your imagination and surprise yourself! Choose your rewards in advance; this will undoubtedly be a powerful motivator.

Anticipate and accept the ups and downs

The fact that your motivation falters at times is undoubtedly inevitable. Over time, you will find yourself wanting to deviate from the good habits you have taken. First, be tolerant of yourself; don’t judge yourself. If you are feeling less motivated, instead ask yourself why you want to slow down. Then try to find concrete ways to remedy the situation: going to bed earlier, finding a new activity, using the services of a personal trainer, etc. Ideally, try to plan strategies that you will use when motivation drops occur.

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